How We Work

We seek opportunities to listen and learn from community members to ensure our work stays grounded in possibility rather than transaction. 

Our Values
Do with, not for.

We value the lived experience of those most proximate to the issue areas we support. We operate from a place of inquiry to support meaningful collaboration.


The concept "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" inspires the Foundation's activities along with a concrete understanding of systematic factors that have contributed to disparities in educational attainment and wealth-generation across communities in Los Angeles and Aotearoa.


A learning and growth mindset coupled with a disposition for risk allows the Foundation to be responsive and learn what does and doesn't work to achieve the mission.

Our Priorities

R&S Kayne Foundation prioritizes investments in education, economic mobility, arts, and other meaningful initiatives. 


We increase access to postsecondary and employment opportunities that lead to career ladder-roles and promote financial independence. 

Economic Mobility

Improving economic inclusion among historically marginalized people shapes positive community development, self-determination, and multi-generational wealth building. 


Investing in creative people and creative spaces reminds us of the power of art to make meaning of the world, enhance problem solving, promote revitalization in communities, and promote dialogue.

Other Initiatives

We invest in mission-aligned efforts. This includes a leaders investment strategy to recognize and support community leaders who serve as positive role models, and promote and sustain multi-generational economic mobility and community health. 

Our Approach

R&S Kayne Foundation is a place-based funder with activities focused in Los Angeles County and Aoteaora (New Zealand). We do not accept unsolicited proposals. We encourage prospective grantees to learn from and engage with grantees featured here. Investments range from direct service support, piloting and incubating new efforts, and supporting organizational resiliency.